Our expertise Licensing Attorney Department can give you the best strategy to negotiate and commercialized your Patents or Trademarks in Mexico if you require a License, Assignment, Fusion or Transfer of Technology. If necessary, we can help you to elaborate a bilingual contract, covering all the important aspects of the patentee or IP applicant.

The rights conferred by a patent or registration, or those deriving from a pending application may be encumbered and transferred either wholly or in part subject to the conditions and formalities laid down in ordinary legislation. For the transfer of rights to be binding on third parties, it shall be registered with the Institute.

A single request may be filed seeking registration of transfers of ownership of two or more pending applications or two or more patents or registrations where the transferor and transferee are the same persons in each case. The applicant shall identify each of the applications, patents or registrations in respect of which the entry is to be made. The appropriate fees shall be paid according to the number of applications, patents or registrations involved.
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