Copyright Registrations

Our Copyright Registration department at Macotela Cervantes y Asociados S.C, can assist you to register copyrights, assign copyrights, renew copyrights or transfer copyrights before INDA (Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor) the following works: literary, musical, dramatic, dance, pictorial or of drawn, sculptural and those of plastic character, caricature and comic strip, architectonic, cinematographic, TV and radio programs, computer programs, pictures, art works and compilations.

Also our firm can help you obtain from INDA the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for books or publications respectively.

Further more if you require a Certificate of Legality of content and title, before Secretaria de Gobernación our firm can assist you in a professional way to obtain it.

If you require further information on copyright registrations please contact us
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